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Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, or THY for short, is the national airline company of Turkey, as well as the flag carrier. The year of establishment of Turkish Airlines was defined in 1933 with the name "Airlines State Enterprise" affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense.    
As a member of Star Alliance, THY proudly holds the titles of Europe's fastest growing and at the same time the best airline in Europe and Southern Europe. It organizes direct flights to 306 destinations in total, including 257 international routes and 49 domestic routes in 124 countries.    
Turkish Airlines (THY) has been in the 1st place in the list of airlines flying to the most destinations in the world since 2018, thanks to its flight network.    

THY Ticket Transactions

You can make your THY Ticket inquiry and Turkish Airlines domestic and international flight ticket purchases quickly and securely on You can benefit from discounts with coupon codes suitable for you, from the constantly updated campaigns of Turkish Airlines, and make your Turkish Airlines ticket purchases.  

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance and Pricing

8kg hand luggage in the cabin is offered free of charge for all your travels with Turkish Airlines. In addition to this information; If you are going to take an international flight with Turkish Airlines, when purchasing your flight ticket; You can buy your ticket by choosing any of the packages with baggage allowances such as "Only 8kg hand luggage, 23kg, 30kg, 46kg".

Passengers who purchase tickets with only Hand Baggage allowance can purchase additional baggage service at the airport for their baggage needs before the flight takes place.

For our passengers who will travel domestically, there is a minimum of 15kg baggage at the THY ticket purchase stage; EcoFLY , ExtraFly, PrimeFly packages, and they can purchase Turkish Airlines tickets by choosing the most suitable one for their travel.